Plastic egg cups

This selection aims to give a general overview of how can plastic - or, more precisely, plastics - be used in the egg cups' world. Sometimes it comes disguised as another material, sometimes it isn't ashamed to show itself. It's also important to notice that the increasing accuracy of plastic modeling has allowed the popularization of very cheap, highly resistent, very detailed and in some ways even funny pieces.

Known details: 1) marked " "W. Germany", produced by Emsa [eggcup0524]; 2) probably designed for camping [eggcup0321]; 3) has metal inside [eggcup1081]; 4) "Navvy Chimp" egg cup, from the series used by PG Tips since 1958 for advertising purposes [eggcup1568]; 5) [eggcup 2364]; 6) man with pipe [eggcup3467]; 7) produced by L. Dake En Zoon (The Netherlands) [eggcup 2331].

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Modern design ceramic egg cups

We've already seen some modern design egg cups in plastic and in metal. Now's the turn for ceramic, a material that's far from having disappeared from contemporary designers' hearts and (breakfast) tables. As seen in the current selection, the shapes tend to be abstract and the most used colours are grey and green, but everything is possible.

Known details: 1) produced by Waechtersbach, for the "Real Life - Basic Equipments" collection [eggcup2543]; 2) made by the Manufacture de Lunéville-St Clément (France) [eggcup1959]; 3) probably made in Denmark [eggcup 1107]; 4) from the Morningtime collection, produced by Gargantua (Switzerland), sold by Habitat [eggcup 4704]; 5) produced by Fisura (Spain) [eggcup 3051]; 6) produced by Sagaform (Sweden), spoon and hat are sometimes sold separately [eggcup4523]; 7) designed by Asa Lindberg Svensson, produced by Sagaform (Sweden) [eggcup4828]; 8) probably made in Belgium [eggcup 1207]; 9) sold by Habitat [eggcup 2846].

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Floral egg cups

Flower paintings and flower transfer pictures (as well as combinations of both) are an absolute classic for tableware in general, and for egg cups in particular. It could be argued that the most boring pieces are to be found in this category, but maybe the risk of being boring is just the price to pay when aiming to achieve absolute classicism. Anyway, flowers seem to be here to stay.

Known details: 1) produced by Pickman, Sevilla (Spain), winner of a golden medal at the 1862 London Exhibition [eggcup3917]; 2) "Chinese Rose" transfer and "Camilla" shape, produced by Spode (United Kingdom) [eggcup0352]; 3) sold by E. Vagnozzi, Roma (Italy) [eggcup3917]; 4) produced by Johann Seltmann (Germany) [eggcup3798]; 5) produced by Rörstrand (Sweeden) [eggcup3259]; 6) marked “Butterfly fine bone chine, Staffordshire" (United Kingdom) [eggcup4168]; 7) produced by Hutschenreuther (Germany) [eggcup1182]; produced by Arcopal (France) [eggcup2187].

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Antique metal egg cups

Metal egg cups are far more resistant than porcelain or glass egg cups and, therefore, it is much easier to find surviving antique pieces in metal than in glass or porcelain. But that's not the only great thing about antique metal egg cups: they also tend to offer more original and elaborated forms, as this selection shows (hopefully). If you want to see an antique metal egg cup in its own natural context, as well as a very entertaining film, I encourage you to see "Das Testament des Dr Mabuse", filmed by Firtz Lang in 1932. The egg cup appears near the end of the film.

1) aluminium, hollow foot [eggcup3929]; 2) maybe made in Austria [eggcup2112]; 3) brass, made in France by Le Crabe [eggcup1930]; 4) has been seen also without the base [eggcup2437]; 5) marked "Les Etains de Paris" [eggcup2055]; 6) marked "Bath & Chaves", an identical model appears in 1907 WMF catalog [eggcup0615]; 7) marked E.P.N.S. ("Electro-Plated Nickel Silver") [eggcup1923].

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Famous people egg cups

The members of the British Royal Family were probably the first personalities to be featured on egg cups, and they still appear in an important number of souvenir and commemorative pieces. But they are not the only ones. Egg cups with TV, cinema and music celebrities are also getting quite numerous. The featured people may not always be of great historic relevance, but they'll always have their public.

Known details: 1) "To celebrathe the 70th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II", 1996, produced by Coronet Pottery [eggcup4220]; 2) Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, produced in 1982 by Carlton Ware for Fluck and Law [eggcup0015]; 3) Laurel and Hardy, produced by Rayware, marked "Rayware, ceramics for today" [eggcup2472]; 4) Josephine de Beauharnais, produced by "F. D. Porcelaine de luxe, France", sold as Waterloo souvenir (Belgium) [eggcup0702]; 5) Marilyn Monroe [eggcup3795]; 6) Sarah Montague from BBC Radio 4's Today programme, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery, sold in 2005 to support Children in Need [eggcup4601]; 7) Ainsley Harriot, chef and "Ready Steady Cook" host, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery [eggcup4878]; 8) Sir Winston Churchill, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery [eggcup3430].

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Poultry egg cups

No hen, no egg. No egg, no egg cup. And no egg cups, no egg cup collectors! So, no egg cup collection without lots, lots and lots of pieces related to the fascinating poultry world. They clearly are one of the most popular animals in the egg cups' world, probably second only to rabbits.

Known details: 1) fine china, made by Royal Worcester [eggcup2283]; 2) Luminarc [eggcup1101]; 3) hand-made, made in Spain [eggcup2161]; 4) fine china, made in Staffordshire (United Kingdom); 5) made by Anita Tarsted Arhus, sold by Skandinavisk Design Center Artium, Copenhagen (Denmark); 6) produced by Pillyvuit (France) [eggcup2057]; 7) "Cook-a-doodle-doo" [eggcup3424]; 8) made in Latvia [eggcup2418]; 9) made in China, produced by Silea (France) [eggcup3319]; 10) hen only in spoon [eggcup2752].

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Egg cups in unusual materials

Egg cups are usually made of ceramic, metal, wood, glass or plastic, but they can be made with anything else. Or at least that's what we're obliged to believe after seeing what we've seen. Sometimes the material used can be so rare or so beautiful that no extra decoration is needed - that's what happens most of the time with all the different varieties or marble, for instance. But it can also happen that the unusual material is used in order to allow detailed decoration - that concerns papier maché, used because it's easier to produce perfectly looking painted pieces with papier maché than with wood.

Known details: 1) includes fake grass [eggcup2233]; 2) soapstone, made in Kenya [eggcup0670]; 3) marble, made in Pakistan [eggcup3349]; 4) includes water, "Happy Flowers" series by Culto (Germany) [eggcup4647]; 5) elastomer, "Baby" egg cup designed by Fred Rieffel for Pylones (France) [eggcup1430]; 6) silicon, "Weich-ei" egg cup designed by Helena Leba (Germany), Softies collection [eggcup2968]; papier maché, "made in USSR" [eggcup0850].

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