Little chicken egg cups

It may sound like a paradox, but smiling little chickens can be the perfect company to enjoy a perfectly cooked soft-boiled egg. Yes: in the real world, an egg means no smiling little chicken, and a smiling little chicken means no egg, but the egg cups' world is not exactly like the real one. Little chickens and soft-boiled eggs can be at same time on your table, in total harmony. Be careful, nevertheless: even in the egg cups' world not all little chickens smile, and some of them may even look quite scary.

Known details: 1) made in China for Russ (United States) [eggcup2404]; 2) hand-made at HB Henriot manufacture, Quimper (France) [eggcup4051]; 3) "Mon p'tit poussin" egg cup, made by CTC Design (France) [eggcup2230]; 4) made in Japan [eggcup2521]; 5) produced by Bacova (United States) [eggcup2828]; 6) illustration by Jane Brookshaw, from "Funky Farm" series, produced by Dunoon (United Kingdom) [eggcup1645]; 7) little chicken only in spoon, produced by CTC Design (France) [eggcup2888]; 8) signed H.C. "Anfibu" [eggcup3662]; 9) produced by H. R. W. Fink (Germany) [eggcup4389].

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