Plastic egg cups

This selection aims to give a general overview of how can plastic - or, more precisely, plastics - be used in the egg cups' world. Sometimes it comes disguised as another material, sometimes it isn't ashamed to show itself. It's also important to notice that the increasing accuracy of plastic modeling has allowed the popularization of very cheap, highly resistent, very detailed and in some ways even funny pieces.

Known details: 1) marked " "W. Germany", produced by Emsa [eggcup0524]; 2) probably designed for camping [eggcup0321]; 3) has metal inside [eggcup1081]; 4) "Navvy Chimp" egg cup, from the series used by PG Tips since 1958 for advertising purposes [eggcup1568]; 5) [eggcup 2364]; 6) man with pipe [eggcup3467]; 7) produced by L. Dake En Zoon (The Netherlands) [eggcup 2331].

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