Famous characters: transfer egg cups

How can a very normal egg cup be transformed into a highly desirable and/or collectable object? Try putting a picture transfer of a world famous TV or cartoon character on it. If impossible, a locally famous TV or cartoon character might work as well. In the current selection we can see some exemples of egg cups with transfer pictures of famous or supposedly famous characters and, as you can observe, not all the transfers have been put on common shaped egg cups. Which means that some imagination could be at play here to. At least potentially.

Known details: 1) Miss Petticoat [eggcup0191]; 2) Martine [eggcup4101]; 3) Tintin [eggcup4060]; 4) Popstar Mickey Mouse egg cup, produced by United Labels AG [eggcup4102]; 5) Winnie-The-Pooh [eggcup3366]; 6) Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies [eggcup3360]; 7) tiger and rabbit from Winnie-The-Pooh, made in Thailand, sold only at Disney Stores [eggcup3449]; 8) Barbie, made in China for Spearmark [eggcup2277]; 9) Barbie [eggcup3361]; 10) Betty Boop, 1999 [eggcup1469]; 11) Spiderman, produced by Kinnerton, 2002 [eggcup2996]; 12) Miffy, made by Mepal Rosti [eggcup3103]; 13) Gaston Lagaffe [eggcup1480].

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