Rare artistic egg cups

In the world of egg cup collecting there's a long list of what could be called must-have pieces: the Carlton, Goebel and other Royal Copenhagen's egg cups that everybody talks about, writes about and bets on. But, at the same time, there's an uncountable number of beautiful confidential egg cups waiting to be patiently discovered and carefully looked at. These are some of the most appreciated hand-made egg cups of the collection. Some of them are unique pieces, others are very limited.

Known details: 1) Pyrography art by Daniel Fuster Brunet, 1991, Barbastro (Spain) [eggcup1033]; 2) made by Jenaro Paricio Loscos, in Belmonte de San José (Spain) [eggcup3990]; 3) made and signed by J.L. [eggcup3487]; 4) made and signed by A. F. [eggcup1210]; 5) made by NS Porcelaines studio, St Éanne (France); 6) made by Belinda Brayshaw [eggcup1022].

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