Famous people egg cups

The members of the British Royal Family were probably the first personalities to be featured on egg cups, and they still appear in an important number of souvenir and commemorative pieces. But they are not the only ones. Egg cups with TV, cinema and music celebrities are also getting quite numerous. The featured people may not always be of great historic relevance, but they'll always have their public.

Known details: 1) "To celebrathe the 70th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II", 1996, produced by Coronet Pottery [eggcup4220]; 2) Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales, produced in 1982 by Carlton Ware for Fluck and Law [eggcup0015]; 3) Laurel and Hardy, produced by Rayware, marked "Rayware, ceramics for today" [eggcup2472]; 4) Josephine de Beauharnais, produced by "F. D. Porcelaine de luxe, France", sold as Waterloo souvenir (Belgium) [eggcup0702]; 5) Marilyn Monroe [eggcup3795]; 6) Sarah Montague from BBC Radio 4's Today programme, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery, sold in 2005 to support Children in Need [eggcup4601]; 7) Ainsley Harriot, chef and "Ready Steady Cook" host, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery [eggcup4878]; 8) Sir Winston Churchill, produced by Bairstow Manor Pottery [eggcup3430].

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