Anthropomorphic wooden egg cups

All men are equal, but this does not imply that all anthropomorphic wooden egg cups have to look the same. On the contrary, we have here a perfect example of how can a very, very simple idea be declined in a myriad of ways to render unique your little (or not so little) egg cup.

Details to be considered on the featured pieces: 1) representing Pinocchio and including a wooden hat, bought in France in 1993 [eggcup1075]; 2) hand-painted, with metal earrings [eggcup2490]; 3) hand-painted, with woolen cap, bought in Italy in the 1980s [eggcup0011].

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Koala egg cups

Koala time! Well, some of these could be considered to be ALSO souvenir egg cups, but in any case they do fall in the category "egg cups featuring nice koalas", don't they?

Interesting data: 1) beautiful egg cup offered in 1987 to the collector by the Aikin family, from Australia [eggcup0676]; 2) resin egg cup produced by French company Silea [eggcup3915]; 3) fine china egg cup produced by British firm Wade [eggcup4170]; 4) hand-paited, signed "F.P." and "Aust." [eggcup2293]


Figural wooden egg cups

Figural wooden egg cups were born quite a longtime before the now more popular figural plastic egg cups. Easy to manufacture — especially since machines can make them—, shock-resistant and light weighted, they are not only very common as children egg cups, but also as souvenir pieces.

Details on the selected figural wooden egg cups: 1) German egg cups, probably from the 1950s [eggcup3439]; 2) marked "Erzgebirgische Volkskunst: Expertic, Made in German Democratic Republic" [eggcup0879]; 3) signed by Cecilia Brugge [eggcup2378]; 4) bought in Belgium in 2000 [eggcup1153]; 5) 4 egg cups on guitar-shaped plate [eggcup0928].

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Funny figural egg cups

Smile! Here comes your soft-boiled egg.

Details of featured egg cups: 1) alien egg cup, marked Silly [eggcup1452]; 2) no further info [eggcup0427]; 3) Smiley egg cup [eggcup3850]; 4) W.C. egg cup [eggcup1720].

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Figural souvenir egg cups

A selection of elaborated souvenir egg cups... just to subtley remind you wherever you might chose to go on holiday, if you do have holidays, there's a chance they do sell egg cups! And they could even be nice, original ones.
Details from the egg cups featured: 1) Belgian souvenir ceramic egg cup [eggcup1130]; 2) marked "Paris Musées", designed by Paul Mathieu, produced by Arthus Bertrand, inspired in a piece from Paris' Musée Carnavalet [eggcup1310]; 3) marked "Antoni Gaudí, 1852-1926" [eggcup3445]; 4) Jersey souvenir [eggcup1049]; 5) Irisih leprechaun [eggcup1817].


Animal egg cups

We have already seen some very well represented species in previous messages but here comes a selection with the rare animals from the egg cup world, in a variety of styles.

Zoological details: 1) hand-painted, made in China for US company Department 56, partly specialised in collectibles [eggcup2303]; 2) fine china, hand painted, designed by Loretta Jones for a series of egg cups issued monthly by The Franklin Mint company (United Kingdom) in 1988, currently sold out [eggcup4399]; 3) hand painted [eggcup2464]; 4) Greek souvenir egg cup [eggcup1360]; 5) originally sold by Marks & Spencer's stores [eggcup2275].

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Buying egg cups in Berlin (the pics)

The already announced pictures!


Buying egg cups in Berlin

Exceptionally here come just some pictures recently taken in Berlin, where vintage plastic egg cups seem to be getting more fashionable than ever. If you happen to go there, make sure you don't leave the city without some vintage DDR Eierbechern!


Souvenir egg cups

Marketing egg cups as souvenir objects was a great contribution for the popularity of egg cups. Indeed, their small size and light weight makes them a very practical choice, and they have been used as 'souvenir' for decades and decades and in a wide variety of locations. Cautious travellers do prefer them in resistant materials such as metal and wood. Collectors have a preference for unique designs, as well as a particular sensibility for general accordance between the style of the egg cup and the place or monument to be remembered.

Tourist information: 1) Greece [eggcup1819]; 2) Postojna (Slovenia) [eggcup0576]; 3) Creete, with "hand made" mark, probably marketed by Neofitou [eggcup0513]; 4) piece illustrating the souvenir egg cups known as 'pinklustre', souvenir of the UK's Houses of Parliament [eggcup4598]; 5) Col d'Aubisque (France) [eggcup1458]; 6) Menin Gate (Belgium) [eggcup0898]; 7) Jerusalem [eggcup0640].


Figural ceramic egg cups

If you can imagine something, we can imagine a ceramic egg cup with the shape of whatever you imagine. More astonishingly, we don't really need to imagine anything: hundreds of figural ceramic egg cups are already out there.

Fascinating details: 1) probably made in England, 1980s [eggcup0351]; 2) probably made in Japan, date unknown [eggcup2438]; 3) probably made in Italy, 1980s [eggcup0153].


Double egg cups: twins

Are these for very hungry people? Or for very close relatives? The proved fact is that they are called 'twins'.

Unique details: 1) Aberdovey (Wales) souvenir egg cup, produced by Bukfast, a Devon company which made the same model also for other places [eggcup1823]; 2) Carlton Ware egg cup, marked "Carlton Ware, Gourmet, England", [eggcup1672]; 3) Irish egg cup [eggcup1591]; 4) bought in Brussels, 1988 [eggcup0821].
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Famous characters: plastic egg cups

Be careful! They are not toys.

Not so famous details: 1) Victoria Plum egg cup, marketed in 1981 by H.C. Ford & Sons (London, UK) [eggcup2508]; 2) Basil Brush egg cup, produced by Wing's in Hong Kong [eggcup1706]; 3) Big Ears egg cup (from the Noddy family) [eggcup1678]; 4) Muttley's egg cup (Hanna-Barbera), originally offered with Quickbrew tea [eggcup2442].


Heart-shaped egg cups

You don't need to have an egg cup shaped heart to love egg cups.

Lovely details: 1) made by Koziol (Germany), model created in 1985, exists in various colours [eggcup1440] ; 2) advertising egg cup for Belgian Passendale cheese [eggcup3006]; 3) sold in Italy at the beginning of the 1980s [eggcup0073].