Animal egg cups

We have already seen some very well represented species in previous messages but here comes a selection with the rare animals from the egg cup world, in a variety of styles.

Zoological details: 1) hand-painted, made in China for US company Department 56, partly specialised in collectibles [eggcup2303]; 2) fine china, hand painted, designed by Loretta Jones for a series of egg cups issued monthly by The Franklin Mint company (United Kingdom) in 1988, currently sold out [eggcup4399]; 3) hand painted [eggcup2464]; 4) Greek souvenir egg cup [eggcup1360]; 5) originally sold by Marks & Spencer's stores [eggcup2275].

If you collect animal egg cups or simply enjoy their view, don't hesitate to go back to the Little chicken egg cups post, or the Poultry egg cups one.