Trendy egg cups

These egg cups became such a hype when they first saw the light, that they were very, very soon copied and declined in almost infinite models. And they eventually got even more popular. And more models saw the light. Should we really care about which ones are "the originals"? Or can we just concentrate in deciding which one is our favourite? Note for the collectors: there are of course many more than the models shown here.

Info about this beautiful selection: 1) made in China for "The egg cup collection" of Salt & Pepper [eggcup5312]; 2) made in China for "The egg cup collection" of Salt & Pepper [eggcup5286]; 3) egg cup distributed in the Netherdlands with the name "eierdop inktivs" [eggcup4751]; 4) a friend of the previous one [eggcup4750]; 5) and their geisha friend, with a "made in China" sticker [eggcup4749]; 6) white koala [eggcup3915]; 7) squirrel model by Salt 1 Pepper, "The egg cup collection" [eggcup5521].


Broken egg cups

So, yes, we love egg cups and we treat them the best way we can, but unfortunately most of them are not unbreakable and some of them do get in trouble, especially when travelling around the world. Today we pay tribute to some victims of egg cup trafficking and unlucky handling.

Info for the specialists, and the others too: 1) marked "F.U." or "F.O.", it is damaged in the upper border [eggcup4631]; 2) a fine egg cup, to be compared with the following [eggcup2606]; 3) Hooli Mooli egg cup; notice that an arm and part of the egg are gone [eggcup3832] 4) an old Palissy Pottery (Stoke-On-Trent) piece, marked "Thames River Scenes by Palissy Pottery, England" [eggcup2481]; 5) a piece with manufacturing problems [eggcup0917]; 6) OK, this is a joke: a French egg cup imitating a broken egg shell, named "Croqtou", produced by the Limoges company Jean Louis Coquet [eggcup1702].