About this blog

Welcome to our new blog. Here you will find posts on all types of egg cups from María José Fuster’s collection.

María José Fuster is a historian and genealogist. She comes from Campo, a village located in the Spanish Pyrenees, and runs a blog on collecting, Proceloccionismo.

She has nearly 5.000 egg cups, but the house where she lives lacks the needed space to show all of them at the same time. Therefore, an important number of pieces have to stay out of the shelves, in boxes. By putting them on line and giving them more visibility, we try to compensate this lack of physical space.

If you want to find more information on egg cups, please visit our daily up-dated blog in Spanish, Una huevera al día. It has been awarded the Best Unclassifiable Blog 2005 prize by journal 20 Minutos. Both Una huevera al día and Egg cups are being taken care of by the collector's daughter, Gloria G. F., also known as lahuev, as reminded in this disclaimer.

This collection would be just a dream without the kind help and generous contributions of a long list of contributors. The list is currently being edited, and it includes:

Aiki family
Juan Antonio Abad and María
María Antonia Andreu
Amy (United States)
Arroyos Chárlez family
Ramón Auset
Señores Bastanchuri
Carmen Bayod and Bruce Taylor
Trini Bayod
Familia Berardi
Magda Blanch + Tomás
Luís Bombín
Leticia Bourges
Victoria Brunet
De Martelaer family
María Teresea Fábregas
Lola Feo
Familia Forcada
Carmen Fuster
Vicky and Fernando Fuster
Daniel Fuster Brunet
Roberto Fuster Brunet
Fina Galindo
Cristina and Yolanda Gallego Galán
Laura García
Ana García González
María Gloria González Vaqué
Sandra González
Grégory (Brussels)
Stéphane Hannaert
Óscar Hidalgo
Carme Huguet
Jean-Pierre (Roma)
Claudine Landewyck
Laura (Verónica's mother, neighbour)
Maria La Viola
Viviane Le Tellier
Isabel López
Lotta (Brussels)
Manel (Barcelona)
Mario (Roma)
Signora Marini
Eva Marmolejo
Tita Mársico
Josep Gabriel Martín
Victoria Mascaray
Montse Masdeu
Ana Mingot Comenge
Celia Miranda
Señores Mitsud
Stefan Pagel
Christina Papadeas
Verónica Pardo
Patrizia, Bernard, Ambra
Joana Persu
Pili Plaza
Anita Puertas
Sebastián Romero
Rosy y Esther (Monzón)
Ruth (Logroño)
Elisa Salamero
Victor Sanz Salamero
María Teresa Tolosa
Mariví Ugarte
María Gloria Vaqué Escandil
Margarita Willsted
Isabel Zarraolandía