Advertising and merchandising egg cups

Yes, some companies like to include egg cups in their advertising and merchandising strategies - and they don't necessarily have to be chocolate eggs' producers. Even French cheese companies have done it. Advertising and merchandising egg cups come in almost all materials and designs and don't always bear the name of a company in their body, although usually they will, making it easier to adscribe them to this quite attractive category. The existence of collectors of companies' memorabilia, like, for instance, Guinness memorabilia, gives this egg cups even a stronger degree of desirability.

Known details: 1) Milka, for 2003 Easter season [eggcup3465]; 2) Milka, for 2006 Easter season [eggcup4831]; 3) Cadbury's Creme Egg, 1989 [eggcup1557]; 4) Cadbury's Caramel Egg, made in England [eggcup4162]; 5) marked "Rouy d'Or, Dijon: fromage de santé", was probably given for free with the cheese [eggcup2585]; 6) Chamois d'Or, probably also given for free with the cheese [eggcup1034]; 7) Harrods, produced by Wade 1990-97 [eggcup2220] ; 8) first model of Guinness' egg cups, produced by Carlton Ware with a James Blackmore Ltd.'s licence in 1980 [eggcup2286].

Please note that in the Plastic egg cups selection you will find a chimp egg cup used by PG Tips, it's one of the famous chimps used by the company for promotion (well, famous at least in the field of egg cup collecting). In the Carlton Ware egg cups post you can see a Carlton Ware Hovis egg cup.