Wooden egg cups

Wooden egg cups are produced in every continent, with almost all kinds of woods. They can be hand-made or industrial; they can be decorated or plain, glazed or unglazed, figural or footed, made of rare wood or not. Plain wooden egg cups are usually very cheap and easy to work with: this explains why nowadays a lot of people use them for D.I.Y. activities. For our first walk through the world of wooden egg cups, we'll concentrate on footed ones, leaving the figurals for the next time.

Known details: 1) birch wood, produced by Aarikka (Finland) [eggcup0156]; 2) distributed by Brin de Folies (France) [eggcup1621]; 3) "Joséphine" name engraved [eggcup3092]; 4) hand painted [eggcup3355]; 5) this hand painted egg cup is the first one ever sent to us by a blog reader, Pato_Musa [eggcup4378]; 6) of industrial origin[eggcup1800]; 7) made in Rwanda [eggcup0437]; 8) lignum vitae wood, made in Jamaica [eggcup0510].

If you like footed wooden egg cups, please don't forget there's one with pyrography art by Daniel Fuster in the Rare artistic egg cups selection. There's also a wooden egg cup with a tea-drinking rabbit in the Rabbit egg cups post, but it's not a footed piece.