Rabbit egg cups

Rabbits are a traditional feature in egg cups, the link between one thing and the other being, of course, Easter. For our first excursion in the wide rabbit egg cups' world we'll skip plastic egg cups, but don't worry, there'll be a post with plenty of plastic rabbit egg cups very soon - and surely before Easter.

Known details: 1) Heinrich Hoppel rabbit from "Die Hasenbande" series, designed by S. Krauss for Bodum's Räder company (Germany) [eggcup4383]; 2) created by Stockholm's Bruka design (Sweden) [eggcup0924]; 3) made by Goebel (Germany) [eggcup3969]; 4) bought in Belgium, 2004's Easter [eggcup3327]; 5) marked "Made in Japan", both rabbits look symmetrical, but aren't; this egg cup exists also with different colour combinations [eggcup1893]; 6) wooden [eggcup1154]; 7) made in Japan, exists also with different colour combinations [eggcup2622].

Are there more egg cups featuring rabbits than egg cups featuring chickens, or the opposite? We sincerely don't know and the lack of statistics in the field doesn't help at all. If you want a wider picture of the subject, nevertheless, you could have a look at our Poultry egg cups selection or even et the Little chicken egg cups post.