Glass egg cups

This is an important advice for egg cup collectors and, in general, for people who'd like to keep some egg cups around for decorative porpuses: never leave too long a wooden egg in a glass egg cup. Wood may expand, glass surely won't, and the consequences could be terible. I have seen it with my own eyes. Having said this, why wouldn't everybody love glass egg cups? We do.

Known details: 1) sold by Rasteli [eggcup2302]; 2) [eggcup 1691]; 3) "Oeuf", produced by Rivièra Maison (Netherlands) [eggcup3716]; 4) hand painted by Óscar Hidalgo, Barcelona, 2000 [eggcup1830]; 5) made in Italy, "Papa" has been hand written later by a French speaker [eggcup1066]; 6) in "opaline de foire", produced by Portieux (France) [eggcup0616]; 7) can be used as a glass for water if turned upside down, sold by Rasteli [eggcup3342].

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