Egg cup couples

Egg cups are sometimes marketed as couples and sold together. Actually, sometimes even if they happen to be sold separately it can be really difficult for the buyer to take one without its partner, because it has been designed and created as the perfect match. The couples featured in this post are all based on the male/female concept, but other types of couples can occur.

Known details: 1) made in Japan [eggcup1873]; 2) made in Japan [eggcup1872]; 3) produced by Rot Ceramic (Germany) [eggcup1441]; 4) produced by Rot Ceramic (Germany) [eggcup1442]; 5) woman [eggcupdesp5]; 6) man [eggcup4207]; 7) woman [eggcup 1761]; 8) man [eggcup 1762].