Egg shaped egg cups

Egg cup creators are always looking for new sources of inspiration, and it could be that sometimes they don't look very far. What should they? Doesn't the egg itself have a marvelous shape, as well as unforgettable colours? In this selection we can see egg cups inspired more or less directly in different types of eggs or egg's states: hard-boiled, fried, as an eggshell or as a broken eggshell, for instance. I haven't found yet any egg cups imitating scrambled eggs, or maybe I found them but didn't recognise them. The important thing to know is that egg shaped egg cups produce what art critics love to call the mise-en-abîme effect: you'll eat your egg in an egg.

Known and maybe useful details: 1) no marks, bought in Italy in 1985 [eggcup0200]; 2) made in Thailand, Ikea [eggcup2878]; 3) made in Vietnam in 1999, Ikea [eggcup1982]; 4) made in Japan [eggcup1948]; 5) marked "Swed. reg. design No. 98/1959 Internat. regd. desn.", which means it was registered in Sweden [eggcup3359] 6) produced by Carlton Ware, end 70s/beginning 80s (United Kingdom) [eggcup2255]; 7) produced by Sia [eggcup2997]; 8) produced by Casablanca (Germany) [eggcup2147].

You probably already know where do eggs come from, but even so you may want to check the Poultry egg cups post.