Leonardo egg cups

Leonardo is a prestigious German glassware company. Egg cups where absent from its catalogue until the end of the nineties, when somebody at the marketing department decided that they could help bring the company to a wider audience. The truth is that Leonardo egg cups are far from being cheap, but people were supposed to buy only one of those (modern design egg cups are generally bought as a unique and mainly decorative piece) and therefore having a Leonardo egg cup was meant to be less costly than possessing a Leonardo wine cup, because if you bought a wine cup then you needed the other eleven matching Leonardo wine cups. Does all this make real sense? Did it actually work? Did really more people than ever access to the Leonardo world via egg cups? I don't know, and I have to confess that I haven't found any of the pieces featured in this selection in the current catalogue from the company. They are nevertheless quite good looking, aren't they? Some them were created for Leonardo with the help of Justblue Design GmbH, a packaging, product- and graphic design company based in Hamburg.

Known and surely interesting details: 1) Orion egg cups from the "Mythos" Collection, designed by Veit Mahlmann with Justblue; it includes a salt cellar and a spoon [eggcup2054]; 2) this model exists also with the base in other colours [eggcup2079]; 3) Elica egg cup from the "Mythos" Collection, designed by Michele De Lucchi [eggcup1347]; 4) Early Bird egg cup, also from the "Mythos" Collection and designed by Veit Mahlmann with Justblue [1346]; 5) designed by Jorg María Gimmler for the "Mythos" Collection [eggcup1361].

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