Egg cup sets

Nowadays is hard to find a home with four people using egg cups at the same time every day and, therefore, it's also difficult to find sets of multiple egg cups in stores. In fact, most of the new egg cup sets include an intelligent way to store all your egg cups without taking too much space, so they won't disturb you in the kitchen during the (probably long) time that nobody uses them. Anyway, some antique egg cup sets are really nice, and that's what egg cup and retro ceramics collectors care about (well, mainly).

Known details: 1) marked "Woods ivory ware", produced by Woods & Son(s) probably during the 1930s [eggcup3837]; 2) marked "Crown Ducal Ware, England" [eggcûp2452]; 3) also produced by Crown Ducal Ware [eggcup2400]; 4) produced by Meubelfabriek Oisterbriek (The Netherlands) [eggcup2512]; 5) produced by Royal Winton, probably during the 1940s [eggcup3852]; 6) origin unknown, bought to British seller [eggcup3852]; 7) origin unknown, bought to British seller [eggcup3997].