Frog egg cups

Frogs aren't the most popular animal in this egg cups' world, we know. Unlike rabbits or hens, they don't have any conceptual link with eggs, so it's understandable that they aren't featured in egg cups as often as them. What this selection wants to show is that even "secondary" animals like frogs can appear in a huge number of different models of egg cups, made in different styles, in different materials. We'll have a look at other animal egg cups another day.

Known and verified details: 1) plastic [eggcup3660]; 2) ceramic, marked CC. H.P. [eggcup2210]; 3) hand-made by potter Michel Auger for Poterie Auger, in St Amand en Puisaye (France) [eggcup4254]; 4) plastic, spoon marked "Salamanca", sold as a souvenir egg cup for the Spanish city Salamanca [eggcup3776]; 5) unglazed ceramic [eggcup2891]; 6) ceramic, bought in Italy in 1985 [eggcup0327]; 7) produced by Italian company Paolo Chiari [eggcup2930].

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