WMF egg cups

Here's another German company with a strong love for egg cups, but, this time, metal egg cups are its speciality. WMF has been producing egg cups since 1880 and still markets regularly new models, usually in stainless steel and with uncommon designs. This selections features some examples of WMF's production over the last decade. Ah, and just in case someone doubted of the company's passion por soft-boiled eggs, they even sell specially designed spoons to use with their egg cups.

Known and very objective details: 1) Eggo egg cup, bought in 1998 [eggcup 1388]; 2) stainless steel Cromargan 18/10 and SAN plastic, designed by Achim Bölster, bought in 2003 [eggcup3197]; 3) from the Zeno series, designed by Maiko Hasuike, bought in 1996 [eggcup1183]; 4) from the Kult collection, created by Sebastian Bergne, bought in 2006 [eggcup4824]; 5) SpiegelEi egg cup, from the Off Limits series of the Cromargan collection, designed by Achim Bölster and Judith Zeller, bought in 1997 [eggcup1387]; 6) For Lovers Only model from the Off Limits series of the Cromargan collection bought 1998 [eggcup1366]; 7) designed by IDEA collective for Auerhahn, a WMF mark; it's from their A/Design collection, bought in 2006 [eggcup4777].

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