Integral saucer egg cups

In a sense, an integral saucer egg cup is a common shaped egg cup with a bigger base. The important element is actually the big base, because it will play a major role in keeping the table clean and it does also reinforce the egg's presence. Integral saucer egg cups are known to be produced almost everywhere, but are particularly popular in the field of Devon pottery, where integral saucers seem almost as current as buckets, for instance.

Known details: 1) probably made in Switzerland [eggcup1443]; 2) made at Philippe Lehmann's studio, Soufflenheim (France) [eggcup3935]; 3) marked "St Paul A.M." [eggcup0857]; 4) marked "Meir Ware B.B. Ltd. Staffs", produced by Baker Bros., 1930/37, Stoke-On-Trent (United Kingdom) [eggcup1850]; 5) handmade at Manufacture de Montagnon, Nevers (France) [eggcup4331]; 6) marked Grosvenor Works, produced by Jackson & Gosling (United Kingdom) [eggcup4180]; 7) made in Cordes Sur Ciel (France) [eggcup2750]; 8) made in Cyprus [eggcup3348].

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