Porcelain egg cups

In this egg cups' world, porcelain stands for elegance. And, in general, for classical elegance. If you add to this the fact that some porcelain egg cups are the work of the most prestigious of manufactures, who have years or even centuries of experience in their field, you will understand that it's difficult to go wrong with them. This selection gives a general view of fine china pieces coming from different European countries. Please enjoy.

Known details: 1) The Empire Porcelain Company, from Empire Works, Stoke On Trent (United Kingdom) [eggcup2035]; 2) decorated with "echt Kobalt", made by Reichenbach (Germany) [eggcup1193]; 3) Gold series, made by Neoclássica (Portugal) [eggcup3881]; 4) made in Finland [eggcup4375]; 5) produced by Chodziez (Poland) [eggcup3839]; 6) produced by Cerom (Roumania) [eggcup0864]; 7) "Aux barbeaux" style, made by Porcelaine du Lys Royal in Aixe Sur Vienne, near Limoges (France) [eggcup1283]; 8) Apponyi style, made by Herend (Hungary) [eggcup0726]; 9) Brambly Hedge transfer, made by Royal Doulton (United Kingdom) [eggcup4366]; 10) "Farandole" egg cup, produced by Haviland, Limoges (France) [eggcup3062].

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