Ikea egg cups

Some egg cup collectors don't like Ikea. They think too many old European potteries have been forced to close down because they were unable to compete with the Swedish company. Nevertheless, we can't complain too much: over the past years Ikea has been selling a wide range of quite original and more often than not beautiful egg cups. By offering them even in countries that have never been known for eating a lot of soft-boiled eggs, the company has contributed in its own way to keeping egg cups close to the world population.

Known and carefully noted details: 1) marked NaCI, made in Vietnam, marketed in 1999 [eggcup1980]; 2) marble, made in Taiwan, bought in 1990 [eggcup0984]; 3) made in Vietnam, bought in 2002 [eggcup2411]; 4) Raljans egg cup, made in Portugal, bought in 2002 [eggcup2412]; 5) wood, made in Vietnam, marketed in 1999 [eggcup2879]; 6) bouhgt in 1995 [eggcup1121]; 7) made in Vietnam, bought in 2001 [eggcup1981]; 8) made in China, has a "Hand made quality" sticker, was bought in 2001 [eggcup1985].

Please note that you will find two other Ikea egg cups in the Egg shaped egg cups selection: this covered egg cup, made in Thailand, and this one, made in Vietnam. The glass egg cup, that can also be used as a glass, is very similar to this Rasteli one that we had already seen in the Glass egg cups post.