What happens to a common shaped egg cups when it loses its foot? It becomes a bucket! Of course, this is not exactly true, but what collectors and specialists call "buckets" are indeed egg cups without feet. It is generally considered that they are specially popular in Great Britain, but that does not mean that you won't find them almost everywhere. This selection presents some examples of simple buckets - some other day we'll have a look at buckets with funny and children pictures.

Exact and true details: 1) produced by Upsala Ekeby, probably during the 1970s (Sweden) [eggcup2735]; 2) Duraline egg cups, produced by Dudson (United Kingdom) [eggcup2779]; 3) hand-painted by Ester Östman in 1977 (Sweden) [eggcup1608]; 4) marked "Satsuma, Japan" [eggcup0254]; 5) produced by Royal Doulton for British Airways, used by the company until 1996 [eggcup2284]; 6) stoneware [eggcup0044]; 7) marked "Taunton Vale, Made In England", produced probably during the 1970s [eggcup2735]; 8) copper, made by Linton (United Kingdom) [eggcup2207].

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