Most innovative and original egg cups

The future of egg cups depends probably less on their capacity to hold eggs than in their ability to surprise the consumer. The more they look like gadgets or even works of art, the more complicated it will be for normal people (meaning "non egg cup collectors") to ignore them. The present selection shows some of our favourite pieces with astonishing designs.

Intersting details (well, at least we think they are): 1) "Wiesenglück" egg cup, designed in 1998 by Anne Hubinger and marketed in 2001 by No.Nonsens, sold at Das Möbel in Vienna (Austria) [eggcup3381]; 2) Prydlig egg cup, sold by Ikea, made in China in 1999 [eggcup1984]; 3) Olaf egg cup, designed by Meyer Design for Koziol, sold in 2001 [eggcup2357]; 4) Eggy egg cup, designed by Frits Vink, produced by Cleverline for ZHO Innovation [eggcup4557]; 5) Inflate egg cup, designed by Michael Sodeau [eggcup4171]; 6) "EinEiige Zwillinge" egg cup, designed by M. Roling and V. Zitzmann for Take 2 [eggcup2154].

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