Egg in saucer

Not all egg cups are footed. In some cases the egg has to be placed at "zero level", maybe as a strategy to avoid damages produced during an eventual fall. We have classified this type of pieces under the title "egg in saucer" because they lack any official denomination, at least as far as we know. Some egg cup experts (yes, egg cup experts exist!) call them "bavarian", particularly when they are rounded have have the hole for the egg right in the middle. It seems, indeed, that originally this rounded non-footed cups were specially popular in Germany, and less in other countries. Nowadays, nevertheless, they can be found anywhere, and they are not always rounded, and we won't complain.

Interesting details on the featured pieces: 1) bought in Belgium [eggcup1738]; 2) bought in Germany, 1983 [eggcup0173]; 3) no info ; 4) Cerámicas Arcola (Manises, Spain) [eggcup1422] 5) marked "Chodziez, Made in Poland", but probably not from the Chodziez company [eggcup1083]; 6) Gmunder Keramik (Austria); 7) made bu Guzzini (Italy) [eggcup0697]; 8) made in Deruta (Italy), 1980s [0337].
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