Egg is the message

In case you wondered what you should put in them... now you know!

1) marked "Boiled egg", made in Britain by Bridgewater, "Toast & Marmalade" series [eggcup1313] 2) "Huevo", made by Happy Decor (Spain) [eggcup0605]; 3) "huevo", "egg", "Ei", "uovo", "oeuf", made by Thomas (Rosenthal) (Germany) [eggcup0581]; 4) "An egg boiled very soft is not unwholesome, Jane Austen" (reference to "Emma"), Fine white stoneware egg cup made in Scotland for Dunoon [eggcup0902]; 5) marked "Oeuf" [eggcup0780]; 6) marked "ei" [eggcup0996]; 7) marked "chicken egg" [eggcup2042] 8) "uovo" [eggcup0556]; 9) "El otro huevo de Colón" [eggcup0116]; 10) marked "uovo" [0081]; 11) marked "Huevo", made by Happy Decor (Spain); 12) marked "ei" [eggcup1365]; 13) marked "ik love ei" [eggcup3825]