Speedy & Friends egg cups

Is this post-modernism? Is this non-sense? Is this art? Speedy & Friends egg cups, produced by the German company Casablanca, seem to offer infinite declinations of the same essential subject: half an egg with feet. Classified in different families and sub-families, Speedy's Friends cover more or less all modern human activities and events: sports, hobbies, important moments in life, jobs, ... whatever you can think about, it has probably been represented in a Speedy & Friends Eierbecher. These egg cups are not only all designed with extravagant imagination; they are also hand-painted with precious care. Moreover, Casablanca sells also plenty of irrelevant accessories such as transparent plastic balls to have your Speedy & Friends egg cups floating around your home. We are fans.

Interesting details, especially dedicated to Speedy & Friends collectors: 1) model called "Runny, der Dauerläufer", bought in 2004 from the second limited edition [eggcup3532]; 2) "Klumpy, der Natursbuche", marketed in 2000 [eggcup2059]; 3) "Hotti: Freund der Pferde", bought in 2006 [eggcup4829]; 4) "Baby Rose, das Schnullegirl", marketed in 2000 [eggcup2148]; 5) "Nikolo, der gestiefelte Santa" [eggcup2150]; 6) "Plantschy, der Nichtschwimmer", from the Sommer family; 7) "Stürmi, der Volltreffer", marketed in 2000 [eggcup2149]; 8) "Torty" from the "Hochzeit", sold under the slogan "Ei love you!" [eggcup3393].