Traditional Spanish pottery egg cups

Spanish traditional pottery might not be as internationally well known as the pottery from some neighboring countries, but it is nevertheless a very interesting field that should be explored by any egg cup lover: even if Spain does not have a very strong reputation for egg cups, collectors could be surprised to see how many of them exist, and how nice they can be. This selection brings together some pieces illustrative of different traditions present in the territory, for your personal pleasure. All pieces are, of course, hand-made.

Interesting details: 1) made in Castellón, sold in Peñíscola [eggcup1024]; 2) made in Naval (Huesca) [eggcup2651]; 3) bought in Sigüenza [eggcup1085]; 4) made in Muel (Zaragoza); 5) unglazed, sold in Montserrat [eggcup0002]; 6) made in Besalú [eggcup2824]; 7) Belmonte de San José (Teruel) [eggcup3352].

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