Wing series egg cups

Plastic egg cups created and sold by the Wing company can be seen as one of the first attempts to increase the value of plastic pieces in general. Originally marketed to children and featuring sometimes very famous characters, they always had exclusive "registered designs" and are nowadays very popular with collectors, who give special attention to their condition. As it can be seen in the present collection, Wing concentrated mainly on two types of models: the cylindrical and the anthropomorphic ones.

Details concerning this pieces: 1) made in Hong Kong, reg. number 1.040 [eggcup1708]; 2) Pink Panther egg cup, made in Hong Kong, marked "Mirisch-Geoffrey" [eggcup1650]; 3) made in Hong Kong, reg. number 1.041 [eggcup2403]:; 4) Tom & Jerry egg cup, made in Honk Kong 1970, marked "M.G.M. Inc." [eggcup1569]; 5) made in Honk Kong, reg. number 1.043 [eggcup0507]; 6) made in Honk Kong, reg. number 1.046 [eggcup1841]; 7) no mark; this egg cup could be considered a fake Wing's piece [eggcup1920].