Spiral egg cups

One of the most revolutionary days in the history of egg cups was probably the day when somebody realized that there's no reason why egg cups should be solid. Eggs already have their own shell, so, unlike other cups, egg cups can have as many holes as they like! And they can even be made of a simple spiral. Yes, one of the most revolutionary things to have happened in the history of egg cups could be the invention of spiral egg cups. Who thought of them for the first time? When was it? It's a mystery. Spiral egg cups started to be very popular in the 1980's and actually they never really went away. They are cheap and they are fun, and moreover they can also be decorated with uncountable gadgets, either at the beginning or at the end of the spiral.

Details concerning the featured pieces: 1) Belgium, 2003 [eggcup3086]; 2) origin unknown [eggcup1538]; 3) Ireland, 1997; has an "Electra" label [eggcup1291]; 4) made in Amsterdam, "Filo di ferro" collection [eggcup4590]; 5) France, 2003 [eggcup3053]; 6) Barcelona, 2005, marked "Soft boiled egg and soldiers" [eggcup3906] 7) very similar to a model registered by Jost Hurzeler in Australia [eggcup4099]; 8) Germany, 2001 [eggcup2145]; 9) from a series of six inspired by "Party animals" by Bang Of The Door, used by Kinnerton in 2002 to sell chocolate egg cups [eggcup2289]; 10) Germany, 2005 [eggcup3864].