Double egg cups: twins

Are these for very hungry people? Or for very close relatives? The proved fact is that they are called 'twins'.

Unique details: 1) Aberdovey (Wales) souvenir egg cup, produced by Bukfast, a Devon company which made the same model also for other places [eggcup1823]; 2) Carlton Ware egg cup, marked "Carlton Ware, Gourmet, England", [eggcup1672]; 3) Irish egg cup [eggcup1591]; 4) bought in Brussels, 1988 [eggcup0821].
If you are looking for Carlton Ware pieces, remember to check our Carlton Ware egg cups post, where you can see for instance the Hovis Bakery egg cup or this Walking Ware egg cup.


Famous characters: plastic egg cups

Be careful! They are not toys.

Not so famous details: 1) Victoria Plum egg cup, marketed in 1981 by H.C. Ford & Sons (London, UK) [eggcup2508]; 2) Basil Brush egg cup, produced by Wing's in Hong Kong [eggcup1706]; 3) Big Ears egg cup (from the Noddy family) [eggcup1678]; 4) Muttley's egg cup (Hanna-Barbera), originally offered with Quickbrew tea [eggcup2442].


Heart-shaped egg cups

You don't need to have an egg cup shaped heart to love egg cups.

Lovely details: 1) made by Koziol (Germany), model created in 1985, exists in various colours [eggcup1440] ; 2) advertising egg cup for Belgian Passendale cheese [eggcup3006]; 3) sold in Italy at the beginning of the 1980s [eggcup0073].


Anthropomorphic ceramic egg cups

Well, they all are egg heads, arguably.

Details for the people: 1) hand-made in Nuremberg (Germany), in 2002 [eggcup2345]; 2) sold by particular from the UK [eggcup2395]; 3) Erin egg cup, made in China for Ganz (USA), it's one of the 12 models designed by Susan Paley for the Bella Casa collection [eggcup4098]; 4) "I'm an egg head" egg cup, made by Kreiss (USA) [eggcup1721].


Egg cups with characters famous mainly in the UK

Yes, they are really famous over there, and everybody knows their names! (at least that's what we have been told)

Truly interesting details, at a global level: 1) Sooty egg cup, made in the 1960s by Keele Street Pottery, from Stoke On Trent (UK), from a series of six Sooty egg cups [eggcup4159]; 2) Sydney egg cup, made in Stoke On Trent (UK) in 1999 by Wade company, Sidney is a character from the Tetley Tea Folk family [eggcup4888] 3) Gaffer (another Tetley Tea Folk family member) made in Stoke On Trent (UK), by Wade, 1999 [eggcup4887].